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April 29, 2015 / bswitaba

Random matters of the heart for Me by Me

Nairobi Photo courtesy of Wikipedia CC

The Land of opportunities

The city in the sun,
So they call it.
Others call it the land of opportunities,

Where everyone is always rushing,
Busy to listen to anyone
But tell me my brethren,
Where these opportunities are,
That I may not be left behind.
Show me these opportunities,
That make people crave for this land,
For I have seen none.

Only sulky men and women,
In moving metal houses,
Homeless juveniles,
Men with crippled legs,
Busy begging for daily bread,
Heartless men mugging,
As others pass by,
Without lifting a finger,
Nor raising a voice.

O heartless men of this land,
When will you ever learn to be brotherly,
And have synergy to combat these ruthless acts?

O land of opportunities,
Opportunities to die,
Opportunities to be mugged,
Opportunities to sleep on empty stomachs?

For these are but the dreadful opportunities,
That you have to offer,
For truly you’re,
The land of opportunities


Trapped in a Veil

Am an indeterminate sambo,
trapped in a sphinx veil,
That deprives me off my true self-consciousness,
A complex situation, brooding confusion
A peculiar sensation, hiding in my two-ness

Two souls, two thoughts,
Two unreconciled strivings,
Two warring ideals all in this one body.

Am dogged with a history of strife,
O how I long to attain my old life,
Rife of a self-conscious humanity,
and merge my double self into a better and truer self.

Its a bio- in a prison,
A self imposed treason,
For lack of reason,
Like a caged jail bird,
Who’s bail barred.


Grim Boy, Prim Girl

Am a grim boy,
She’s a prim girl,
I am poor, empty as a pouch,
She’s rich, loaded like a treasury,

I speak for the bush,
She speaks for the city,
Never on the same radar,
Except when we are sadder.
Throughout the adar,

Our living’s badder,
Always baddies,
Instead of buddies,
We are cadres,
Forever in yatters,
Ready to tatter and scatter each other,
As if we are cutters hither.


The Taste of Freedom

I long for the taste of freedom,
For a jong is all that I am,
Freedom’s gong I have waited,
To have a hongi,
Like a mong,
Quite a nong I have been,
Trapped in the pong,
of unfamiliar song


For So Long

For So long, Our love has been a fight,
Yet it’s still bright,
Wont you hold me tight,
And treat me right,
Be with me day and night?

For so long ,I live in fear,
As if to shed a tear,
For how long do I bear,
Without letting love tear?
Love, let love my dear

For so long,
You treat me wrong,
Yet our love is strong


Lets Dance

Lets dance tonight,
The feeling is right,
I’ll hold you in my arms,
And look into your Spanish eyes.

We’ll smile at each other,
We’ll Listen to the music of our heart,
And dance by the moonlight,
To our delight.

As we swing and sway
To the beat,
Until we sweat from the heat
Lets dance my love, a dance of a lifetime


If I die

If I die,
Don’t weep so much,
For a broken Heart,
But for the love we shared,
For the Spirit lives on.

If I die,
Think of me,
Like I think of you,
Dream of me,
Though the sweetest dream won’t do,
But its worth it all the same,
For the spirit lives on.

If I die,
Let your life go on,
As if nothing has happened,
For I’ll always be there,
Like your guardian Angel.
Watching over you,
For the spirit lives on


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